Engineers at the University of Manchester

The University of Manchester was formed in 2004 after the Victoria University of  Manchester (established in 1851) and the University of Manchester Institute of  Science and Technology (UMIST, established in 1824) were formally merged into a single institution.

Environmental Engineers worldwide recognise this University as a  place where an important milestone of waste-water treatment technology had been achieved, the first discovery and development of Suspended-Growth Aeration Processes , which is now widely known as activated sludge process.

Furthermore some of the best known and notable  engineers  from this University that awarded  noble prize include John Dalton (founder of modern atomic theory), Niels Bohr (fundamental contributions to understanding quantum mechanics)Joseph John (J. J.) Thomson (experimental investigations on the conduction of electricity by gases) and Ernest Rutherford (investigation of the chemistry of radioactive subtances).

Outside shot of University of Manchester, Oxford Street.

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Top 10 – the Coolest Dream Theater’s songs

Dream Theater is well noted for being one of the early progenitors of the progressive metal genre. The experimentation of progressive metal has a strong emphasis on technicality and theoretical complexity (influenced by jazz music).  Unfortunately, since this is done by playing complex rhythms and implementing unusual time signatures and song structures – all with the use of traditional instruments- only few people fancy this genre of music.

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