Which one is the best looking trench-coat?

Hairstyles have been always an useful mode of stylish players in the football pitch; whilst a football tactician, may express his  taste of fashion easily with his trench coat. The wonderful thing about trench coats is that it can be fancy or casual. We can wear them just as casual attire as demonstrated by José Mourinho, or, in contrast  we can wear it with a tie and suit like Josep Guardiola. Meanwhile  Roberto Mancini often fuses his trench coat with an ‘jersey’ scarf .  So, which one do you fancy the most?

Josep GuardiolaEl Entrenador Barcelona

Leonardo Araújo, former allenatore of Milan

Roberto Mancini during his spell at Internazionale Milan

Luciano Spalletti staring at  his lads when in charge at Italian Capital

Mr. Thinkerman, Claudio Ranieri

The Special One, José Mourinho

 Sir Alex Ferguson Vs Roberto Mancini during derby Manchester

The legendary Milan tactician, Nereo Rocco, walked alongside his assistant, Cesare Prandelli  (wearing leather-classic trench coat) in the 1960’s.


About abdilsani
A freelance football writer and an environmental engineer

6 Responses to Which one is the best looking trench-coat?

  1. Winnu Ayi says:

    hahaha! ulasan yang menarik. van Gaal belum terkena dampak schiki-micky be. tapi beneran dah sekarang aku jadi tau apa itu trench coat.

  2. tereza says:


  3. mohammad says:

    jose is best for madrid

  4. abdilsani says:

    Leonardo seems better looking for me..

  5. kimoechan says:

    Vote for Leonardo Araujo
    But I’m wondering….why there isn’t yellow trench coat in your list…?

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